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Hi to evryone whoz readin this! For those who doesn't know me, I'm Andre from Indonesia.*waves* Where in Indonesia? well.. depend where the wind blows..

Rite now I'm in Bandung taking sum' Web Design course for a year. Hopefully a year from now I can already change thiz blog into sumthin' kewl, and let'z just hope that my creativity won't fade away till then..

Naw.. just in case if anyone wanna know sum more ..I'm.. um..nah, forget it, ain't gonna tell ya evrythin' bout me.. Nah... just kiddin', but why do u wanna know anyway? I'm just gonna say that I like watching movies, ma fav music taste are Jazz,R&B and eazy listening songs, but ma ears can absorb any kind at all.. hm.. soundz greedy ain't i? I have lotsa fav movies! Sum of ma all time fav are all Sean Connery's and Roger Moore's James Bond movies, Forrest Gump, Sleepless In Seattle, Star Wars all episodes, Lord Of The Ring, xXx (thatz vin diesel's movie if ya wonder, not whut ya have in yer dirty mind hehe..) and more.. Oh yeah, I'm a Virgo.. means I'm sensitive but not weeny if you wonder

I can be friend with evryone but I like people with good sense of humor and those who share tha same interest wit' me Except movie, I also like WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). I follow tha show eversince I was in elementary school!Ma fav wrestler are Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. I also like soccer, especially Italian.. and for those who wonder who my fav team is I'll tell's AC MILAN.

So.. I guess ya all can already tell what kinda stuff u'r gettin' from ma blog rite? See.. u'r smart! I tell you what.. I'm gonna try to give ya Top Ten Hollywood Box Office evry week, plus I'm gonna review sum of tha movie I've watched.Some wrestling news might be added too, just wait and see what I'm gonna put in here. For sure, I'm gonna make this bloggie thing entertaining, fun to read or see, and also useful as much as possible. (that makes me feel like a tropical fish Santa Claus ya know.. )
hmm.. whatelse to say? i think i can just end it right here.. I hope ya like ma bloggiebuddy. Welcome to the Wacky World of Keket,guys! nice meetin' ya all! *big high five*


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Mar 2, 2004
One "KING" To Rule Them All!!!

Wow.. the unforgettable epic journey of humans, hobbits, wizards, dwarves and elves finally reached the Oscar glory, as "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" won a record-tying 11 Oscars, swept all 11 categories in which it was nominated, including best picture. This movie immediately finding a place in the record books alongside "Titanic" and "Ben-Hur", the only other films ever to earn 11 Oscars, and became one of the only third movie to sweep every category in which it was nominated, following 1958's "Gigi" and 1987's "The Last Emperor", which both went nine-for-nine.

For the best actor, Sean Penn was the winner, as so many of us has predicted earlier. A really powerful performance from Pennin "Mystic River", which previously nominated for "Dead Man Walking," "Sweet and Lowdown" and "I Am Sam," made me sure that he'd be this year's best actor. Meanwhile in "Monster," which I haven't watched yet, according to what i read and saw in pictures, Theron was virtually unrecognizable, packing on 30 pounds and concealing her cover-girl beauty behind false teeth, splotchy makeup and dark contact lenses. She became this year's best actress,successfully beat all the critics which doubted her to portrait the female serial killer in this movie.

Another winner, "Finding Nemo," which had been the biggest boxoffice success of 2003 until "King" arrived on the scene, was named best animated feature film. It was the first time Pixar has won in that category since it was introduced at the 74th Academy Awards.

There's another record. Sofia Coppola's win for best original screenplay for "Lost in Translation".Her win made the Coppolas only the second family in history to have three generations of Oscar winners. In addition to her father's Oscars, grandfather Carmine Coppola won the best score Academy Award for "The Godfather, Part II." The first record-setting family was the Hustons -- Walter, John and Anjelica.

Okay, that's a lil story behind the scenes about last night's oscar from me. And now, I leave you with The complete winner list of 76th Annual Academy Award. :)


Tim Robbins in MYSTIC RIVER

Charlize Theron in MONSTER

Renée Zellweger in COLD MOUNTAIN

Andrew Stanton

Grant Major (Art Direction);
Dan Hennah and Alan Lee (Set Decoration)

Russell Boyd

Ngila Dickson and Richard Taylor

Peter Jackson

Errol Morris and Michael Williams

Maryann DeLeo

Jamie Selkirk

Canada, Directed by Denys Arcand

Blake Edwards

Richard Taylor Peter King

Howard Shore

Music and Lyric by Fran Walsh and Howard Shore and Annie Lennox

Barrie M. Osborne, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh

Adam Elliot

Aaron Schneider and Andrew J. Sacks

Richard King

Christopher Boyes, Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges and Hammond Peek

Jim Rygiel, Joe Letteri, Randall William Cook and Alex Funke

Screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson

Written by Sofia Coppola

Posted at 03:56 pm by keketz
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Feb 19, 2004
My Top 10 Romantic Movies

A gentle caress, a mutual understanding, a chance meeting. All these have one thing in common: romance. When Valentine's still around, I knew I had to write about some of the most romantic movies. I know there are a lot of romantic movies to choose from, but I decided to choose 10 best romantic movie of all time. So here's my top 10. Note that this list isn't in order, i can't decide which one's better than another. And also note that i only pick the movie i've seen so far. You may have your own pick for this category, and as usual i'd like to know it. I'm waiting for your version or comment. :) Okay then.. here they come!

Top 10 Most Romantic Movie

Casablanca (1942)
Not surprisingly voted the Number 1 romantic film of all time by the American Film Industry, Casablanca is truly a classic. Filled with unforgettable lines and stylish sets, not to mention the song: As Time Goes By is an evergreen love song. This could be the perfect end to a romantic evening.
While You Were Sleeping (1995)
Lonely Lucy spends her days pining over a man she has never met while working at her dead end job taking tokens for local transportation. Due to some ironic circumstances she is mistaken for his fiance when he falls and she saves his life. Yet, once she meets the family she realizes she really loves the brother, Jack Whimsical, humorous and sweet this tale is a great date movie featuring the lovable Sandra Bullock.
You've Got Mail (1998)
I've been a fan of both Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks for so long, eversince they played together in Joe vs the Vulcano, and this one, as usual, is really romantic. The story is about finding love on the net, like what i've experienced myself hehe.. I 've watched several times and never get tired of it!
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Based on Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew, 10 Things I Hate About You might be a little predictable, but it's still a fun romantic film.. When Patrick is paid to take Kat out (so someone else can date her little sister per her dad's agreement with them), they both get more than they bargained for.. Not only does he tame the shrew, but he ends up falling in love with her too.. I really like the scene when Patrick serenades Kat with his rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" on the bleachers..
Pretty Woman (1990)
A modern day Cinderella story, this movie had the knight in shining armor, the gorgeous hooker in distress and a fairy tale ending. I have always enjoyed this movie and think the ending is romantic to this day.
Moulin Rouge (2001)
O la la... what an outrageously creative movie. The colors and songs all come together to form a movie that is like no other before it. Romantic from the beginning to the end. Moulin Rouge’s touching romance can give some emotional effects on you. And the quote: The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return is one of my all-time quote. C’est magnifique!
Dying Young (1991)
A woman falls in love with her patient in this touching story about love and loss. This movie has exceptional music, convincing characters and a beautiful ending.
When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Their journey begins when they are forced to drive across the country together to begin their new lives in the busy New York City. Harry is a cynical, presumptious male and Sally is a naive, extremely picky woman. Over the years they meet over and over till finally they become friends. This movie has funny dialogue, warm and vibrant characters and a realism that brings it leagues above other movies of this type.
City of Angels (1998)
I think this movie is unbelievably romantic. The whole concept of an angel falling to earth to be with a mortal may sound cliche, but then again, the performance in this movie were exceptional and the music really enhanced the emotion of the movie. It's quite dark, but nonetheless it's one of my all time romantic movie.
Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
A woman falls in love with a man she's never met. Warm, literate romantic comedies never go out of style."Sleepless in Seattle" is a great dating film because it's about destiny, and longing, and finding that one right person for you. If your date doesn't enjoy "Sleepless in Seattle", you may be dating a rock hehe...

Posted at 11:30 am by keketz
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Feb 10, 2004
valentine's here to stay..:)

Hi again guys n gals! Finally i can sneak up a lil time to make a new entry. I haven't got the time to watch new movies yet, nor that i have time to make a review.. but all i can tell you is, there's a movie that i'm gonna watch real soon, in fact i've been planning for it quite sometimes. It's a horror movie, korean, called: A Tale of Two Sisters. I heard this movie's really scary and great. I'll review it for sure. :)

Anyway.... soon will be Valentine's day. I wanna talk about it for a while. So many breakups, marriages end in divorce,  we've all heard the reasons. We're living in the world with casualties of love's all around. Heartbreaking split-ups continue to soar. We all know the consequences of ruined relationships. The health risks  more depression, more early deaths from cancer, even.. and so on. And the benefits of good marriage or good relationship, that improved health and that nice feeling of happiness.

"All you need is love," the Beatles sang thirty four years ago. With Valentine’s Day coming up, why not make this day last a month? This is the time to boost up your relationship, adjust it if it's unstable, or even take another higher step for a happy future. I myself dream about a celebration to spend with with my hunny. Nice candle light dinner, romantic environment, even as it's a dream i go further to sailing down the river, playing music, serenading your sweetheart, holding hands, twenty-eight days of kindness, affection and romance. Who knows, one day i may fulfill my dreams right..? :)

But then again, I learn a lot from this life.. love is actually a lot wider than that. I've seen beggars, poor people, war casualties and so on, so many people have lost the feeling of love, so many have become the victims, this is the kind of world that we live in. I do think we also need to share love and care to others who needed the most. Give them a chance to feel that love's all around them too.

Now, as for us, i think this is the moment for us to say or show how much we love them. Better if we can do it every day of the year, but hey, as we're all have so many things to do, at least we have a time to celebrate it right? and this is the time. Go tell your bf/gf, your parents, your brother/sister, your friends how much you love them, and share the love, thus share the happiness as well. Chocolate, candies, cookies, red roses, they could be a perfect representation of our feeling, but i personally think a lil nice words that comes from the heart is also necessary. Let's raise love to the highest level, and get the happiness. This is the time of love, this is the moment.

May you all have the happiest Valentine Day. :)




Posted at 04:38 pm by keketz
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Feb 5, 2004
tracing images

Well..hello hello!! Here I am again. It's been a long time since i posted my last entry, yup i know.. but as always, busy is my middle name..hehe.. Anyway, recently I'm learning to draw with Adobe Illustrator. Well, it's tracing images actually. I spent about 4 days to learned it myself,asked here and there, trial and error on the comp hours and hours.. and finally I think I made it.. I dont know if it's already reach the standard or not, but at least i'm satisfied with my work..:)  So, in this entry I just wanna share all my drawings in here.. tell me what you think guys. *wink*  ok here they are..:)

Posted at 12:38 pm by keketz
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Jan 29, 2004
Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King

Disappointing. Sux. Anti-climactic. Terribly made. What? These are just some of the adjectives I WILL NEVER EVER use to describe the third part of The Lord Of The Rings. How about amazing, unbelievable, unforgettable, breathtaking, jawdropping and overwhelming? My precious...this is wonderfully imaginative cinema on the grandest possible scale, fabulously inspired but never restricted by Tolkien's original vision. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King actually delivers on the promise of the first two episodes, a grand conclusion, wrapped in perfection in every detail. For its imagination and passion, this is, without doubt, the greatest cinematic trilogy ever - surpassing by far its nearest competitors, the first three Star Wars and The Godfather.

No, I'm not gonna tell the story in here, as it's too long to write, plus i dont even dare to re-tell Tolkien's masterpiece. But I will share some aspects about this movie. Less concerned with the mystical and mythical aspects of the tale than either part one or two, The Return of the King opts for awe-inspiring battle scenes and gut-wrenchingly realistic special effects. Sauron marshals an immense army of Orcs, Easterlings and Haradim, while Gandalf brings all the men he can find (and an army of ghosts - they are so cool!!.. ermm..I’ll say no more) to the defense of Minas Tirith. If you thought the battle for Helm’s Deep in part two was impressive, wait until you see this. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields is on such a colossal scale and so excitingly shot that it blows away every war scene ever filmed. This will surely move you to the edge of your seat. If Gollum was the special effects achievement of The Two Towers, here it and gollum is still amazing in this one, there is the enormous war-elephants of Mordor in Return of the King, which have such mass and presence it is almost impossible to believe they're merely special effects.

Anything you want to see, you got it. That's what I say. From the chillingly dark, a light horror, to sunrise and baby, from drama to nonstop action, collosally made movie, humor, eye-candy, well... all the elements exist in this movie. As we’ve come to expect, the film is packed with the stunning visuals and once again director Peter Jackson shows he has a great grasp of narrative. His use of the telling set-piece - one that comes to mind is the lighting of the beacons throughout Middle Earth to signal to the city of Rohan that help is needed in Minas Tirith - is magical. With the lighting-of-the-beacons scene Jackson has the audience, in a matter of seconds, gasping at the scope of his vision. In short, The Return of the King is a fitting end to a trilogy that promises to entertain and inspire for generations to come, a major cultural landmark, a masterpiece that will inspire future generations of filmmakers, and it will be watched with admiration for as long as cinema exists. For sure, the extended version of this one will tell us so much more about the movie and its making. I can't wait for it on DVD! The journey ends, the adventure closes, the king is crowned. It has been, all said and done, a magnificent achievement. Hail to the king!

Posted at 09:43 am by keketz
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Jan 23, 2004
busy busy busy

Hey everybody!! what a busy days i've been into lately! Lots of new softwares to learn, lots of homeworks to do, lots of time to spend on campus, arrgh! sometimes i feel like i need more than 24 hours a day if only it's possible. I even feel bad that i can't spend enough time with my hunny. So lucky she understand and support me though..:) Back to the busy-me subject, i'd like to say sorry for not being able to visit you all frequently enough.. i know sooner or later i could lost friends if i keep on bloggin' so slow like this.. it makes me feel bad, cuz all of you, my dear friends, are really great friends! and i don't wanna loose either one of you. I really hope after you read this, you understand what's been happening to me. :) all i can say is, you all rock! :)

Okay, this is the year 2004, there are lots of movie this year that looks great.. some sequels that i've been waiting for like Kill Bill 2 , Spiderman 2,Shrek 2 and Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban.. and another "vs" movie, Alien Vs Predator, good quality movies like Troy, Alexander and the controversial Passion of Christ, Disney's The Incredibles and so on. It seems funny, the year's just start, yet so many movies are already queuing on the list until next December. From what i see, seems like this year there will be lots of movie with an ensamble of casts. That'd be interesting.. and i wonder where Hollywood will go this year, after going to sequels and remakes last year.  So far I haven't got the time to review any movies due to my tight schedule, so i gotta leave you all here. see ya around!

Posted at 11:18 am by keketz
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Jan 17, 2004
movie review : ARISAN!

Hello everyone! Well first thing first.. I've been so busy lately with my new schedule in college. So many new softwares or programs that i gotta learn, that makes me unable to go online as much as i used to before. So i'm really sorry for the slow updates of my blog, and for not being able to visit you all in your blogs, my dear friends.. I really hope all of you are doin' great! i really miss ya all.. :)

As usual, i will review a movie. This time I wanna give the chance to one of the indonesian movie called Arisan! To be honest with ya, at first i actually thought this movie would be as boring , as bad, as suck as other local movies, but to my surprise, i gotta give two thumbs up to this one. And definately, this one's worth to be reviewed. Okay, here it goes!

First of all, the movie title is Arisan. For you who doesnt understand what arisan means, it's an uninformal joint financial pool initiated with the aim of fostering and maintaining ties and esprit the corps. It usually involves close friends, neighbors, former classfriends, alumni, office mates etc, who meet on regular intervals at an agreed venue and contribute to a joint revolving fund. Members of an arisan group headed by the treasurer draw lots in an arisan gathering or party to decide who gets the arisan money. Or, for a shorter definition, arisan is a common term for a monthly social gathering between friends and relatives who chip in money to be won in turns through a lucky draw.

This movie is definately a breakthrough. Arisan! is a satirical comedy mocking the life of the rich in Jakarta, the capital of indonesia and tackling the taboo subject of homosexuality. I'm really surprise, but also relieved, State censors passed the movie with almost no cuts. Scenes left untouched including the oral sex in public toilet and the controversial gay kissing scenes.

This movie tried and successfully pictured the reflection of true lifestyle of the riches in Jakarta. Arisan really show anything honestly, naturally, and logically. The story is about Meimei, a successful interior designer battling with infertility and married to an unfaithful husband, while Andien, a spoiled housewife, is also married to an unfaithful husband. Leading male character Sakti is their faithful gay friend who is struggling to "cure" his homosexuality, but can't resist to fall in love with a guy, whom loved by MeiMei too. So many problems, but all comes to arisan with creating happy face to hide all of those problems.

By Hollywood standards, the movie is low-budget (US$230,000). But it's really made efficiently, with almost perfect script and great casts and actings, and actually gets a great appreciation of the public as well. A huge success in the small and competitive local market, and eventually is among a crop of new movies seen as signalling the revival of the Indonesian film industry after collapsing for more than a decade.

Posted at 05:37 pm by keketz
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Jan 6, 2004

Ahhhh... finally here I am again..:) I'm sorry for leaving this blog, and you all, my friends, too long without any proper explanation.. I just finished my final exam two days ago (I did good I guess, hopefully I get good grades..:p ) and after that I stayed two days in my gf's house, to celebrate new year with her family. So, today's the first day I could go online and greet you all. :) wazup all? :) I hope you all had a great new year's eve!! And let me wish all of you a Happy New Year, may this year be the best one for you.

It feels funny if I make an entry without any movie or anything related with movie in it dont you think? hehe.. in that case, I'd like to review a really beautiful movie, one of the best I've watched recently. It's called:
Brother Bear.


For several years, Disney have been making movies that went far far away from their tradition. They went to outer space or deep beyond, making great 3D's, and at that time, it seemed to me that Disney has forget their tradition, things that actually placed them as one of the top hall of fame in movie history. I was thinking, have the computer-animated films killed traditional hand-drawn animation? Anyone still wants to see two-dimensional characters after Toy Story and Shrek gave us three-dimensional cartoons? This overlooks the fact that over the past three years computer-animated films simply have been better movies than their hand-drawn counterparts. I really believe, somewhere in our heart, the hand drawn cartoon does, and will always have place. I missed all the joy when I watched the glorious Lion King, Pocahontas, or even Bambi.

Then here it is. Brother Bear is the first hand-drawn Disney film to start production after computer-animated films became a phenomenon. This, not "Treasure Planet," was Disney animators' first genuine chance to show ink-and-paint heroes still can compete with such digital stars as Woody, Buzz and Nemo. The Disney animators triumph. Sparked by their friendly rivals at Pixar, the ink-and-paint club reinvigorate their art form with their strongest.

Inspired by Native American folklore Brother Bear proves that hand-drawn animation can dazzle as much the computerized kind. The glaciers, mountains and forests of the prehistoric Yukon fill the screen with majestic scale and deep hues. The  story is about a Native American hunter who morphs into a bear, the "walk a mile in my paws" story delivers Disney's strongest anti-hunting message since Bambi's mother was gunned down. As a human, the protagonist believes that bears are evil and should be killed. As a bear, he learns that humans are evil and should be avoided at all costs. More than anti hunting message, Disney actually talk about peace and unity. We are one. None of us should judge others that are different from us, cuz good could be bad from different point of view. Well, the message delivered really smooth, elegant and sweet by this movie.

Just as important, Disney looked at Pixar's blockbusters and realized those movies featured great scripts as well as great  animation. The most entertaining moments have nothing to do with the story. The slacker McKenzie Brothers Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas reprise the roles as a pair of goofball moose. These two have lighten the movie with their fresh jokes. However, the only serious miscalculation in my opinion was hiring Phil Collins. Collins' songs are all alike, so Brother Bear sounds too much like Tarzan. Brother Bear deserves its own musical signature. Canada actually have a lot of talented musician who would fit perfectly for this movie.

Before I end this review, I'd like to say once again, more than just a really wonderfully entertaining movie, Brother Bear appears to have been born of good intentions. Messages about appreciating the world around you and a reworking of "The Lion King" circle-of-life riff are likely to be warmly accepted. As for hunters, errm... perhaps this is one movie you should aim to skip..

Posted at 12:50 pm by keketz
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Dec 23, 2003
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Finally one of my final project's done... pheew.. i've been working so hard on that one, it took a week and a half for me to finish it. And today, I just represented it to my teacher, and I got 90, that's the highest one! :) That scrore will be the final exam's score for that subject, so I think I will get good grade for this one..:)

Tonight I'm going to church for christmas sermon. Man.. time does go fast.. I remember my christmas sermon last year just like it was yesterday. I dont have any plan for christmas eve though.. but for sure I'm gonna have my gf near me, and then christmas eve will be just perfect. I hope next year everything goes better with me, so I can celebrate it better as well.

Oh yeah, as we're approaching christmas, the most wonderful season of the year, and as I'm facing my other final exam, I wanna wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May this be the best Christmas ever, and next year be the best year for you. God bless you all. And thank you very very much for supporting me along the way guys.. thanks for keep on coming here and be a close friend of mine. it's great to have people like you all!you all rock! *applause* :)

I guess I should be going now.. see ya'll later guys!! happy holiday!

Posted at 01:26 pm by keketz
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Dec 18, 2003
Movies Flashback 2003

Ahhh.. it's been exhausting week for me.. I gotta do a full website for my webdesign and layout course. The score i'll get for it will be for final exam's score, so I gotta do it as good as I can. Because of that, I can't online as often as I used to be..

Last monday I passed one of the most difficult challange I've ever face. It's walking on fire. I tell you what it is.. one of the course I'm taking right now is about how to manipulate our brain and tell our brain what we want, not letting the brain decide for us. We learn that there's nothing we're incapable to do, anything is possible if we want, if we believe in ourselves. So, the challange is, we have to overcome our fear of getting burn, and tell the brain that it's not impossible to walk on fire. That's gonna be the test, and it will be scored. So, last monday night, the teacher set a 4 m path full with burning charcoal and kerosene.. and we have to walk through it! And I choosed to be the first man to do that. why? cuz sooner or later I gotta walk through it anyway.. so why wait? Plus I really believe the more I worry, the more that will burn my feet off. So right away, I walked through it, lots of people watching, and guess what, I successfully passed it! i got a lil part of my feet got hurt, but it's only hurt less than a day. It's good that I've passed the challange, knowing that I'm able to do just about anything, if I have self confidence.

okay... enough of that.. now since we're close to the end of 2003, and as I dedicated this blog mostly to the movie entertainment, I'm gonna bring you all back thru the year 2003 and see how the movie have been for the last one year.

2003 The Movies FlashBack


If we look back, there are a lot of sequel movies this year. There are 23 sequels, that means there are the average of 2 sequel each month. Some of them even released in a short period of time. Has Hollywood run out of idea? I don't know, but really, there are a lot of interesting things we could see about these sequels. Look at Matrix for example. After the successful first Matrix in 1999, the sequel Matrix Reloaded was released around June and then the third one, Matrix Revolution followed just 6 month after! This is the first time two sequel got released at the same year. Despite that some people got dissapointed with Matrix Revolution result;which I think it's a great movie; this trilogy have made records and still listed in top box office. Then we go to Jungle Book 2. The first animated movie was made long time ago, and now we have the sequel. The same thing goes to Return To Wonderland, the sequel of Peter Pan. (more than 30 years). Freddy vs Jason is a unique case. This movie combine 2 horror icon from the eighties, which bring my memory back to the 70's when they made Dracula vs Frankenstein, or Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman which was made in 40's for example. Some of the sequel failed to follow the success of their first ones, like Final Destination 2, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, Analyze That. There's more sequel to wait next year, such as Kill Bill 2 and Spiderman 2 for example. And don't forget The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King that will be available real soon. I really can't wait to see this movie! what about you guys? :)

More sequels in 2003 are: Scary Movies 3 , X 2, Terminator 3 The Rise of The Machines, Star Trek: Nemesis, Jeeper Creepers 2, Legally Blonde 2, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, Dumb and Dumberer, George of the Jungle 2, Tomb Raider The Craddle of Life, Bad Boys II, Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, Ripley's Game, American Wedding, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Internal Affairs 2: The Missing Years.


Maan.. this' been fantastic year for superheroes fans. There are lots of superheroes back to action around us, such as X 2, Dare Devil, followed by Hulk, then Bulletproof Monk, and LXG (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Not only these, there are also non comic superheroes as well. Named like Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines and Matrix: Reloaded and Revolution. The good news is, looks like the superheroes will still keep in business. The B class movie: The Punisher will be released soon. And wait for Spiderman 2 next year (check out the costumes.. they are really G.R.E.A.T!),Fantastic 4, Iron Man, Batman and even Superman. (When will the Green Lantern be made? I like that superhero, c'mon Hollywood!!)


The year 2003 is also the year of remakes. Freaky Friday is a remake that hits the box office with more than US $ 100 million result. Holes and Lizzy Macguire are remakes from tv series. Peter Pan, Walt Disney classic that have been released in several version now has come again. And I won't forget about the remake of the classic horror movie, which introduced slasher genres to movie history, Texas Chainsaw Mascara..err.. i mean Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are also remakes from Asian movies. After the success of The Ring, remake of Ringu, the Japanese original version, more asian movies will follow its footsteps. The Eye, Jelangkung (the evil doll) and Internal Affairs will have their hollywood version. Next year, wait for movie about Alexander The Great, that will be made in two version! one's made by Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killer), with the cast like Collin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hoplkins and possibly Val Kilmer. The other one is Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) and Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York), with cast like Leonardo Dicaprio and Nicole Kidman. These two different movies with the same story will compete each other at the same time. This is gonna be great!

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